Mason Bees

Available NOW! Our Mason bees are from Snoqualmie local, Roger Ledbetter. 

If you have fruit trees or any other Spring blooming berry shrubs then you should consider getting yourself some Mason bees! They are extremely efficient pollinators, for a couple reasons. For one, they do not travel nearly as far as, say, the Honeybee. Honeybees can travel anywhere up to 3 miles in search of a pollen source, whereas the Mason bee has a flying radius of only about 300 feet. Therefore, the ideal location for a Mason bee house is close to your Spring blooming trees/shrubs. Secondly, the way in which a Mason bee collects pollen also makes them very efficient.  While the Honeybee has pollen 'pockets' located on their legs, Mason bees collect pollen dry on the underside of their hairy abdomen and it falls off easily as she travels from flower to flower. What's even better, Mason bees are known for being extremely docile and very easy to care for. We have all you need to get started, call or visit us for more details- we'd love to help!

Mason Bee Rental

Not ready to invest in your own bees? Rent them! We work closely with Rent Mason Bees, a wonderful western Washington based company that rents bees to backyard gardeners and orchardists. They have established pick up and drop off locations around the Pacific Northwest to make renting your bees easy and convenient. The Nursery at Mount Si is one of those locations! Go to their website to learn more and to reserve your bees! Not only do they rent Mason bees in the Spring, they rent Leafcutter bees in the Summer. You can read more about the Leafcutter bee below. 

Leafcutter Bees

Available for sale mid-Summer

Looking for something to help you pollinate your Summer vegetables? The Leafcutter bee is your new best friend! While the Mason bee specializes in pollinating early Spring crops, she is dormant by the time Summer rolls around. The Leafcutter bee on the other hand, hatches from her nest in Summer, just when Summer crops are flowering. In addition to the bees, we have the nesting block and houses available as well. 


For many years we have hosted Honeybee hives here at the nursery. In 2016 we welcomed Bees in the 'Burbs, a small family run bee company located in Maple Valley. They currently have 11 hives set up at our nursery. We are thrilled to have them here and to sell some of their beautiful beeswax candles. We also sell honey from Snoqualmie local, Roger Ledbetter. Roger is passionate about his bees and has taught classes here at the nursery.