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When owner Nels Melgaard and his wife Anne purchased their property in North Bend, Washington back in 1995 one of their goals was to make the land productive and grow stuff. The journey to making that dream a reality all started with growing Organic produce. Fortunate Farms was the name of the Organic produce farm the family worked along with another couple. Growing plants has always been a passion of Nels' and it wasn't long before he wanted to grow more than just Organic produce. In 1999 Nels stepped back from the commercial food business and instead took a turn towards perennials, this was the birth of The Nursery at Mount Si. 

Over the last 25 years the nursery has really grown and evolved. While we are still very much a small family run business, we are continually looking for areas we can grow in and improve. We have 5 greenhouses in total. Our largest greenhouse is 2,900 square feet and is always filled with seasonal color and aromas. We have a log cabin gift shop that is filled with unique and beautiful gifts. Throughout the nursery you will find display gardens, water features, and garden structures. During December we offer living Christmas trees, wreathes, cedar garland and a quaint gift shop with beautiful gifts for the holiday season. Our friendly and talented staff specializes in a wide array of skills from custom containers, specific plant needs and placings as well as a landscape consultation service. 

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy browsing our site and find it a useful resource. Our customers truly do mean everything to us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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